I could create to São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau a new visual identity to be applied in 2011. It could be find in print and digital media.
With the marketing department informations, I could create a book called Media Kit. It could be published in web or print.The objective was sell advertisments spaces on the website visitesaopaulo.com
Press Kit is a booklet used to present São Paulo city at events and meetings. The biggest challenge of this project was the layout in 3 languages in just one print. 
Capacitar SP was a brand of São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau. I participated in the creation of its visual identity, creating the graphic line of its materials: Printed and digital. There was a book to teach people how to receive theirs guests in theirs hotels and stores and meetings with the same goal.
Display produced to the São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau in acrylic. It intend to guide tourists about Room Tax. The display were strategically located in check-in counters in the hotels. In front of the display there is a place for postcards.

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